Conference 2013

2013 Conrad Mbewe​

Conrad Mbewe : Who we are as God made us.. Session 1

Conrad Mbewe : How Can We Be Changed?​ Session 3

Conrad Mbewe : What We Shall Become. Session 4


Conrad Mbewe truthof the gospelPastor Conrad Mbewe is the current pastor of Kabwata Baprist Church (KBC) in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. He is widely regarded
as the "African Spurgeon". Conrad is the editor of Reformation Zambia magazine and writes three columns in two weekly nation newspapers. His latest book is Foundations for the Flock and other books. Until recently he was the principal of the Reformed Baptist Preacher's College in Zambia.

Conrad Mbewe has been the pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church  (KBC) in Lusaka, since 1987. KBC is presently overseeing the establishment of about twenty new Reformed Baptist churches in Zambia and its neighbouring countries. He also blogs on line at A Letter from Kabwata.​